Left Handed Resources

I will be updating a list of left handed friendly rifle companies and their offerings on my Left Handed Rifle Page.
I’ll be trying to keep up with all the offerings from complete rifles, rifle actions, and AR-15 uppers and enhanced lowers.

The other page is my Left Handed Friendly Pistol page.  This page will focused on finding the manufactures that offer ambidextrous controls, left handed switching options, or both.  My focus will be on the mag catch since it’s the most important left handed obstacle that we encounter.

Savage Mark II BTLVSS first shots

I’ve always wanted a nice left handed, bolt action .22LR rifle.  With the good experience I’ve had with my Savage 111 hunting rifle, I decided I needed to look no further than Savage again.  When it comes to left handed models, they have the best selection.  They have a good selection for the leftys, but only four in the .22 caliber.  The Rascal and the Mark II GL Youth were obviously out of the picture, leaving the Mark II BTVLSS and the Mark II GL.  I already have a Ruger 10/22, so I ruled out the standard Mark II, and went with the BTVLSS

BT – Laminate Thumbhole Stock

T – Target (Redundant with BT?)

V – Heavy Barrel

L – Left Hand

SS – Stainless Steel

This is a very nice looking rifle.  The stock is beautiful, and everything fits quite nicely together.  The barrel is free floated and of course, there is the Accu-Trigger.  This rifle does come with Weaver scope bases already installed, which was a big question I had when ordering it.  Some folks in the past had to order a separate set of scope bases for their rifle.  But I had mine.  I mounted my older Leupold VX-1 3-9×40 scope with an old set of UTG high detachable rings.  Since I already had the good scope, and mediocre rings, why waste the money right now.  I will be upgrading to a set of standard medium rings, but that’s a future purchase.  I also installed a Champion Bi-Pod for shooting from the bench.  I also ordered two 10 round magazines, since it only came with one 5 rounder (really, only one, and a five shot).

After a good cleaning and lube, the action worked pretty good.  Not as smooth as my .30-06 Savage 111, but that is a whole different beast.

For the first time, it shot pretty well. I tried various ammo at 50 and 100 yards:


 50 yds
50 Yards
100 Yards

Not too bad for a windy day, with not much of a wind break, and getting used to a new rifle.  I’m hoping I can find the right ammo combo for better grouping.  I also hope I can do a little more behind the rifle to improve that grouping.  This is the first time in a long time I’ve shot a bolt action more than 6 times a sitting, so the mechanics are still improving.  I am a left handed shooter, but right handed at everything else, and have been used to manipulating my right handed Ruger 10/22.  So time will tell how long it take me to get used to full left handed operations.

Looking forward to shooting this more often, and I’ve accumulated a nice stash of .22 ammo to test.

Savage 111 Left handed hunting rifle

I recently started hunting and needed a hunting rifle for the great Alaskan moose. Problem for me, I’m a left eye dominant shooter.  Thankfully, there are a lot of good hunting rifles out there that left left handed.  Here are a few left handed manufacturers I looked at:

I ended up purchasing a .30-06 blued Savage 111. It came with open sights, AccuTrigger, and a synthetic stock (The closest version now is the Trophy Hunter XP, but doesn’t have open sights, and has a detachable box, while mine doesn’t).

It is a great rifle.  Naturally what makes it good besides the left handed bolt action, but it also has a 3 position top tang safety for easy access. Aside from the left handed goodness, the rest of the rifle is really solid.  I am a big fan of the AccuTrigger.  It’s very smooth, and it feels like you took your rifle to a gunsmith for a trigger job. Very smooth with a clean break.  The barrel floats over the stock, so you don’t have to worry about moisture accumulating, or the stock affecting the barrel.  Also makes for cleaning the rifle a breeze.  The recoil pad is pretty good, but the top and bottom tips will get a bit crusty after you’ve taken it into the field a few times.

I did put a scope on it with Leupold hardware. I ran into a problem with it initially since my LGS didn’t have a left handed 1 piece base, so they sold me a right handed one, hoping that flipping it would work.  It really didn’t, the cutout for loading was on the wrong side, so it was a pain to load the rifle.  You can get the one piece, but I still don’t recomend this for any rifle (only 2 mounting screws, and it still partialy blocks the action. I’d go for the 2 piece.  And if you do have a rifle with open sights, go ahead and get the 2 piece QR version.  I’ve removed the scope multiple times and it always retains zero.

I am very happy with this rifle, and will look toward Savage for any future rifle.