Ruger American Pistol – Very Left Handed Friendly

As I recall, FN Herstal was the one of the first manufacturers to make full ambidextrous controls for there pistols.  The FNX, FNS, and FNP series of pistols all have fully ambidextrous controls: Slide Stop, Magazine Release, and safety (if equipped).

All these are now available on the new Ruger American Pistol. This looks to be a great pistol for all folks.  Chambered for both 9mm and .45 ACP, each pistol is available in the standard 4.2″ duty size or the 3.55″ compact.   You also have a choice with the pro models offering no safety catch, or the models with an ambidextrous thumb safety catch.

Speaking of compact, these feature a narrow grip width of 1.19″across all models. For personal fit, they come with 3 different backstraps, to fit most hand sizes. Other features are the Novak LoMount Carry 3 dot sights and a Picatinny rail.

I like the more aggressive slide serrations over the SR series, but may miss the lack of the striker cocked indicator.  And for whatever reason, Ruger still won’t make .45 magazine hold more than 10 rounds.

Some will be disappointed that there is no .40SW version, however, I feel they really missed the boat by not adding a threaded barrel version. Suppressors are making a lot of progress in the shooting world, and it’s just a pain in the ass to buy a new pistol, only having to spend a few hundred more on a threaded drop in barrel if they are to be found.

Left Handed Resources

I will be updating a list of left handed friendly rifle companies and their offerings on my Left Handed Rifle Page.
I’ll be trying to keep up with all the offerings from complete rifles, rifle actions, and AR-15 uppers and enhanced lowers.

The other page is my Left Handed Friendly Pistol page.  This page will focused on finding the manufactures that offer ambidextrous controls, left handed switching options, or both.  My focus will be on the mag catch since it’s the most important left handed obstacle that we encounter.

Left Hand your Glock

The most prolific pistol in the world, The Glock, can now be easily handled by lefties thanks to the MARS from Rainier Arms.  This drop in magazine catch will take your right handed only release, and not just convert it to left handed friendly, but also make it fully ambidextrous.

The Magazine Advanced Release System is a drop in solution that allows full ambi control with no gunsmithing, a first for lefties that I am aware of. Not made of plastic, but 6061 aluminum with type III hard coat, this should be a durable addition to the durable Glock.

Looks like I will need to get a Glock now.